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About the series

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Assumptions of the series

Scientific monographs and multi-author volumes, reviewed by renowned researchers of various disciplines, are published in the Castle publishing series “Studia i Materiały” (“Studies and Materials”). The series includes volumes devoted to the history of expansion of the building and interior finishes of the Royal Castle in Warsaw from the Piast dynasty period to the 20th century. Another research field involves studies on the residents of the Warsaw building, from the time when it was the seat of the Mazovian Dukes until the Second Polish Republic, when it served as the official residence of the president. The Royal Castle was also the meeting place of the Sejm and the workplace of the highest officials of the Polish–Lithuanian monarchy – these issues, together with the scope of competences and attitudes of the most important state officials, constitute another important research problem of the Castle series. Research on the art and literary patronage of subsequent Polish monarchs and their spouses, as well as studies devoted to the etiquette and manor life, political culture, and diplomatic relations during the period of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth are also an